What Is Swoosh Sound Studio

Swoosh Sound Studio is a home recording studio that does it all.

  • Recording small bands, solo acts, rappers
  • Mixing songs, albums, background music
  • Mastering singles, albums, etc.

Our mission is to help artists develop and grow into something greater.


Maurice Bouchard runs all of the projects at Swoosh Sound. He is responsible for:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Currently getting his degree for Sound Recording Technology at UMass Lowell, he has worked with many local Boston artists.

Scheduling and Times

To schedule times for:

  • Recording

Please contact us via E-Mail.

You can find this on the contact page.

Mixing & Mastering do not need to be scheduled.

Please E-Mail any project details and we will send back an estimated completion date.

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